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Pure Inspiration's Fantasy Art Collestion Book

Pure Inspiration's Fantasy Art Collection is a remarkable, high-quality book which brings together the art and personal commentary of sixteen talented fantasy artists, many of whom have already become icons in the genre: John Arthur, Sherri Baldy, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Jody Bergsma, Sara Butcher, Kinuko Y. Craft, Tom Cross, Molly Harrison, Priscilla Hernandez, Sue Miller, Myrea Pettit, Linda Ravenscroft, Vicki Visconti-Tilley, Christine Von Lossberg, Josephine Wall, and Sheila Wolk.

     Each of the sixteen artists is given a minimum of twelve pages to display many of their magnificent paintings and to also give you, the reader, fascinating insights into what inspires them, how they approach their art, and what their aspirations are.

     As you turn the pages of this beautiful book, you'll find yourself journeying beyond time and space through diverse worlds of beauty and imagination, the world of Pure Inspiration's Fantasy Art Collection. The book will be available in Mid-March 2010. 

Pre-order your copies today, be among the first to own and enjoy this book, which is sure to give you many hours of reading and viewing pleasure.

Pure Inspiration's Fantasy Art Collection is

Hard bound, 200 pages printed on heavy glossy paper.

Retail price is $29.95 (US)      ISBN: 978-0-9819762-1-1

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