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I was raised in South Dartmouth Massachusetts. I graduated from Dartmouth High School in 1969. After high school I went to South Eastern Massachusetts University now called University of MASS. I studied fine arts . I also was a professional graphic artist full time for about 20 years. I worked in advertising agencies, art departments, newspaper art departments, department store art departments etc. etc.. I always enjoyed being creative on my jobs. I was able to draw and design daily for years and years. I did love it. Today I teach art in my home studio in North Western New Jersey. I have taught literally over hundreds and hundreds of students in my almost 15 years of teaching art in my home. Teaching is so rewarding. I love it. I love the kids and the adults alike. Many or should I say a lot of my students stay with me for years and years. I get to see them grow up and move out of their nests. Teaching has been a wonderful experience for me. I love to spread the cheer painting brings . It's such a healthy thing to do. Anyone interested in art lessons... or me doing any commissioned work please contact me.

I try to paint every day or prepare to work on painting projects even when not actually working on a painting physically. I will do my research ...photograph ideas.. Think about it. Decide about the layout. ..the model...what will be the main aliments or message for my painting to be. Some times I may have two paintings going at once. If I am not working at all I usually become very agitated and antsy. I don't know's a constant urge to create art work in my life.

My work has been being published a real lot recently and it only stirs up my creative energies even more. I have been asked to do the art work for a children's book project by a very well known author and publisher. I was thrilled with the offer and have begun illustrating it with great enthusiasm. It's a great message story. That's all I can say right now. More on this news in a little bit. :-)

I especially enjoy painting the seasons. I love all the Holidays and I usually decorate my home inside and out...for each season. :-) SMILE! I love all four seasons and often can't decide what season is my favorite. When I was younger of course I loved the summers. But I find now the summers Have become HOTTER and I do believe in global warming. Something I would like to bring more to everyones eye. The awareness that our planet is warming up. Something has to be done. Often the kids find it too hot to play outside on many summer days. Sad...but true.

I am married to Vern Miller for 25 years. We are true soul mates. I met Vern when I was only 21 and we have been together ever since. He was the base player in the famous Boston band from the 60s called THE REMAINS. They opened up for the Beatles when the Beatles did their last US tour. An awesome experience for anyone. Vern also performed on the Ed Sullivan Christmas show. Vern modeled for 17 Magazine when they did a special feature for the Remains.Vern is loaded with interesting info and stories about the Beatles and many other famous people he has met and performed with thru the years. I love living in a home where there is always music and projects going on. Our home has been quoted by many newspapers as..."THE HOUSE OF ART AND MUSIC". Everyone flocks here for either music lessons or art lessons. Our house rocks! In between all the teaching and painting...we have time for our lovable pet dog AUTUMN. She's an almost 2 year old Golden Retriever. Very bratty and very spoiled. My baby for sure LOL.

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